Common questions before getting started.

My job is helping clients get the best possible outcome.

It can seem overwhelming pursuing legal action for any case. Partnering with an attorney who is not only compassionate about their client but also tough on adversaries is very important when navigating the legal system. These common questions will help you sort through your options.

I have worked with hundreds of clients on many different types of cases. My attention to detail and pursuit for justice for my clients sets me apart from other attorneys.

By simply calling our office phone number or emailing us, we will be able to set an appointment.

A free consultation is always the best way to determine if you have a case that can be defended or pursued. I prefer an in-person meeting over a phone conversation because I want to get all the details to make sure we can make the best plan of action possible.

Hearing your needs and then assessing the best course of action is the first step. Depending on the complexity of a case we can then determine the steps to take to obtain the desired outcome.

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